Wake up the first time. Every time.

Attention Snoozers:

Top Features

This alarm app will make sure you're out of bed when you need to be.

MorningWorm uses a novel and innovative approach to wake you up in the morning - and make sure you stay up.

No more missing class. No more being late to work. No more alarm clocks all over your room.

Get up. Stay up.

Noggin Sparker
Wake up your mind with our triggers.

Music Selector
Wake up to any song on your device.

Morning Theme Song-er
Groove through your morning routine.



Converted Early Birds...

"This app is so awesome!!!"

I have crazy trouble waking up in the morning. I'm the master of the snooze button and tend to over sleep but this app gets my mind working so I'm sure to wake up and start the day on time.

by Birdedded

"Works fabulously!"

I've tried just about every free app and this is by far the best one! I never would have thought shaking my phone would wake drowsy me up... But it does! It's consistent and thus far trustworthy enough not to need three other just-in-case alarms. It works in the background! Simple. Clean.

by a Rebelutionary

"Loving this app"

I give this app 5 stars because it is very effective at waking me up. I also tried falling back asleep after my alarm went off, but I was too wide awake. In addition, the feedback I received from the support center was very thoughtful and polite. And they get back to you quick! Get the app.

by SetAlarm1hrEarly

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